CHS Administrators:

Jackie Harris, Principal

Jackie Harris, Principal


Administrative Staff:

Alyx Sabina, Administrative Assistant-Principal's Office

Kathleen Holloway, Attendance Secretary

Darlene Bechtold, Attendance Secretary

Shelley Fields, Attendance Secretary-Freshman Center

Welcome to Choctaw High School:


Welcome to Choctaw High School. Over the history of this school, Choctaw High School has welcomed students into our learning community and helped them through their academic careers by providing them with tools to have successful paths in both college and in life.

This exceptional learning community has been a model of academic performance and educational enthusiasm which has directly affected our student’s educational success. Recently, students taking college entry exams finished among the best in academic achievement in the state. Also, exceptional alumni are making a difference in the world and shaping the future for upcoming graduates through success in business, STEM, and community involvement.

In my interactions with students and community members, I am continually reminded of the positive school climate, effective teaching practices, and valuable curricular focus that make this district a special place to be. The opportunities and excitement of a school that challenges students is what makes each day a success for students at Choctaw High School.

Whether you’re a prospective student, involved parent, or already a part of our learning community, I’d encourage you to speak with students, faculty, and community members to see what makes us unique and to learn what values we celebrate most. We’re proud of who we are and we’d like to share that with you.

Choctaw High School Assistant Principals