Choctaw Crest showing icons for different career opportunities


Business Careers

People in these careers like to influence, persuade, perform, lead, manage, and meet organizational goals for economic gain. They like to make decisions, meet people, initiate projects, give talks, speeches, organize activities, or lead a group. Other people attracted to careers in this pathway like to work with data using clerical or numerical ability and carry out tasks in detail, and follow through on others’ instructions. This Career Academy includes sales, marketing, hospitality & tourism, computer & information systems, finance, accounting, personnel, economics, and management.


Engineering and Technology

People in these careers like to work with their hands with objects, machines, or tools. This Career Academy includes programs related to the technologies necessary to design, develop, install, or maintain physical systems. These may include engineering and related technologies, mechanics & repair, manufacturing technology, precision production, electronics, and construction.


Fine Arts and Communication

People in these careers like to sketch, draw, paint, play musical instruments, write stories, poetry & music, sing, dance, act, play sports, take photos, or be creative. This Career Academy includes programs related to the humanities and to the performing, visual, literary & media arts. These include architecture, creative writing, fine arts, graphic design & production, journalism, world languages, radio & television broadcasting, advertising, and public relations.


Health and Medical

People in these careers like to work with people. This Career Academy includes programs related to the promotion of health as well as the treatment of injuries, conditions, and diseases. These may include medicine, dentistry, nursing, therapy, rehabilitation, nutrition, fitness, and hygiene.


Human Services 

People in these careers like to work with people. This Career Academy includes programs related to economic, political, and social systems. These programs may include education, law & legal services, law enforcement, public administration, child & family services, religion, and social services.


Military Studies

Students in this academy want to explore the career options available through military service. This academy includes programs related to all military branches of service. It includes discussions about serving as an officer or enlisted member in active duty, reserves, or National Guard. Sophomores study Military Doctrine (Why the Armed Forces). Juniors focus on the military branches of service (Air Force, Marines, Navy, and Army). Seniors focus on their chosen path and complete requirements. This academy is for students who want to focus their career interests on what the military can offer them in training and life experiences. Students learn that the skills mastered while serving in the Armed Forces translate directly to success in careers outside the military.


Natural Sciences

People in these careers like to observe, learn, analyze, investigate, evaluate, or solve problems related to nature. They like to work independently, analyze data, do research, deal with abstractions, explore a variety of ideas, perform lab experiments, do complex calculations, and/or understand scientific methods and theories. This career academy includes programs related to the environment and natural resources. These may include agriculture, geosciences, crime scene investigators, environmental sciences, math, physics, forestry, marine biologists, park rangers, sustainable energy specialists and wildlife management.